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Flock Health Status

We take the health of our flock very seriously, and flock health was one of the most important factors in selecting our ewe lambs to start our flock. Our flock was obtained from a closed flock (since 1998) in Ontario, and have maintained a closed flock status since their arrival in 2019. Once an animal leaves our farm, it is not permitted to return for any reason. We use vet monitoring and sample testing as needed to ensure that our flock is free of the following diseases - Q-fever - Chlamydia Abortion - Contagious Foot Rot - Johnes Disease - Caseous Lymphadenitis - Maedi Visna - Scrapie. Regular vet checks and strict biosecurity measures ensure the health status of our flock. All ram lambs offered for sale will be tested for genetic resistance to Scrapie.

We vaccinate our lambs at 1 week of age for pneumonia with an intranasal vaccine for Pasteurella and Mannheimia. We vaccinate our flock yearly for Clostridial diseases; our lambs are vaccinated for Clostridial disease at 8 and 14 weeks of age. We perform fecal egg counts and monitor body condition and use FAMACHA scoring to identify animals that require treatment for Internal Parasites, including Barber's pole.

Our ewes and rams are weighed, condition scored, and individually assessed for health every 1-2 months. This allows us to manage their nutrition, detect the presence of an individual health concern (e.g. lameness, condition of feet, eyes/ears/mouth), and assess the flock for overall health.